Tuesday, February 28, 2006

March 1, 2006 Still thrilled about the new blog but finding working a 40 hour a week job is cutting into my quilting and thinking time. Need to find a balance between money and my creativity efforts. I have been using my color theory class to try a lot of new techniques and ideas. Am trying to get at least one or two new things in each piece. This month was triad colors. So we have a yellow-orange background, blue-green and red-violet. Interesting colors. Decided I would work on fusing again, a new circular rotary cutter and an odd shape for the piece. I am not sure I like the result but I am often neutral when I finish a piece. Must admit that it is different for me.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

February 26, 2006 Still hanging out with all four dogs. Zac is still with me though skinnier and tired. At the direction of my older sister I have been working on baby quilts new relatives. One family I barely know (darn those old family issues) but Ethan Shane was born on Feb 14th. He will be a Valentine baby forever. I decided to go big, bright and bold but used an existing pattern. The quilt went off a few days ago and was delivered but my sister is not sure it is the right address. It was fun and easy to do and did not require a lot of thinking. Great border fabric from Andover - did all the swirling on its own. One of my passions are my chesapeake bay retrievers. I show them in conformation, and agility and I wanted to learn how to quilt dogs. Got Sharon Malec's book (the dog lady) and learned her free standing applique techniques. Then I started creating originals and have had them in a few shows and sold some. Thought I would show you one that I put on a business card (Quilting the Dog).