Monday, January 23, 2006

First Entry

Wow, I am entering the blogging world. Never thought I would set up any type of website so this is great. I am a fairly new quilter (basically a toddler) with a leaning towards art quilts. I am not sure where the transition is from quilter to art quilter, or sewing area to studio so I have to say that I am working to be original. I am still flowing with life changes I made a few years ago. I left the workforce (with occasional trips back) and made a long list of things I wanted to try. While birdwatching fell off the side, quilting stayed. Joined a local guild, volunteer at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum and attended the art quilt symposium given by the museum during the summer - loved that! I joined the Quiltart discussion group and am learning a lot about the people and the process. Having always been a left brain bureaucrat (and good at it), working with a creative outlet feels wonderful. Been taking a 13 month color theory class with Heather Thomas in Colorado and loving the class. Started the class in September and am progressing through various color selections with a project a month. Started with black, white and grey; then monochromatic. The hardest part of the class is showing your piece. Is there a point where you begin to feel comfortable with that? Then I got to opposite colors. I had just been told that one of my dogs had an aggressive cancer and I was upset. Decided that I would try and show my feelings. Used "The Scream" by Edvard Munch as the basis and went off in orange and blue then. It brought silence to the class when I showed it.