Sunday, May 06, 2007

Just as a reminder, you can click on the pictures and enlarge them on your screen. The first Ceil picture does not make a lot of sense until you realize that the words on the background are "Pond Hollow Bronx Ceil" which is his show name. Maybe it does not make sense to anyone but me even then.
I like quilting, I have ideas, try things out, fix things when they do not work, slave at it till I am happy. I wish working with people was that easy but the little buggers keep moving the target and their positions. I did just finish my second Ceil piece - done after I knew how bad the situation is. It will be going to Design class (theme is emotions using words) with me on Thursday. It is about 22 inches wide and 36 inches long. I would have like more graceful but this is me.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ceil and I are managing. The biopsy could not be taken, chemo and radiation are not options so we have turned to holistic medicine. Ceil is loving all the food that I am making for him and he is willing to eat as many pills as I feed him as long as there is a bit a cheese with it. Actually, since he is eating so healthy, I have started eating better. I have been busy quilting. I finished a piece last month that I was doing while they were trying to figure out what is going on with Ceil. It represents parts of our life in a collage - has a jean pocket with leash, branches, clay for the earth, water representations and elk antler. First time I have tried a variety of object like this.
I did finish my dolphins and mermaids quilt for my grand-nieces Nadia and Leah - it will be sent off as soon as put the label on and vacumn off all the dog hair.
Went to a national quilt show today in Denver. Lovely, lovely show. So many creative people working with quality. Makes me want to up the quality level in my work but I know it will just take time. Amazing!!!
So back to my next Ceil piece (do I have a theme or what). This is for this month's design class and it should show emotion through words. I have the words, I definitely have the emotions. Good things my friends are helping me through this. Of course, Ceil feels great - what else could I ask for.