Sunday, September 17, 2006

Can not believe so much time has past without posting. I have been working but been sending much too much energy at the paying job and not enough at the quilting work. I have finished my father's piece up and shown it at my color theory class - silence again which I will accept in the positive sense. Went to the opening of the "Orange you Glad" exhibit at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. It is very strange and very uncomfortable to see my work in public and to see people commenting on it. I even had to give a few minute talk about what I was thinking when I made it. Sitting next to a woman who had lost her adult daughter this year did not make it easy to talk about my grief for my dog. I have also been a docent there and gave tours through the exhibit - I found that I normally did not tell people that I had done the piece. I do not like to put people on the spot, probably the same urge that makes me want to give or leave people wrapped presents so they can open them when I am not around. Privacy is very important to me. I have been doing some quilting work and finished my color theory class. I will be posting the pieces and talking about them.