Sunday, January 06, 2008

Been busy with work, house renovations (which came out great) and quilting. Actually, the house blinds/shades will be installed tomorrow so I will be able to move back upstairs. Now if I could only convince my dogs to wipe their feet before they come in and not to have accidents!
Quiltwise, I will be going to class to show off my flamingo which came from needing brightness in the dark of winter. Just a quick thought to the national bird of the Bahamas and my family there. I like having some fake feathers underneath the fabric to give it body. I will also be bringing a partially done baby quilt to class for ideas about quilting (just in the ditch right now). I have already been told that it is not "baby colors" and I suppose that some people would not like yellow, blue-violet and red-violet but that is what my latest great-niece is going to get. It will be her first lesson in learning to live with it.
Also worked on a leaping chessie block (12" by 12"). Just kept adding thread to see how it would change it. If accepted by a friend (I try to give friends options on taking quilt pieces), it will go to the home of the owner of that leaping chessie.