Sunday, October 22, 2006

Quilting the Dog Been printing of chesapeake bay retrievers so I can develop several quilt panels to show people my ideas. I am always amazed when I get in that mode where the ideas are running over each other and I can barely keep up by taking short notes of my ideas - I am not sure why that does not happen more but early Sunday mornings are the best time for it. Thinking of that, it was also the best time to write papers for me, guess my mind is clear then. Found a picture of me and my chessie Ceil running agility. Always loved this picture and wanted to share it.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Had our first snow fall and my chesapeake bay retrievers really enjoyed it. Time to show some of my latest pieces. This piece is based on the ceramic work by Clark Sorenson. He does various flowers as urinals. I did this one since my co-workers wanted to see it and one wanted to remember her home in Hawaii. I love the idea of it and think it came out well. I also worked on a chessie piece - need to do a number of them for the Chesapeake National Speciality that will be in Colorado Springs next spring. This one has a few problems so I am going to do another one to fix the problems - mostly I need more contrast.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Still have not taken the pictures I want to post but had a wonderful time at the Chesapeake Bay Retriever National Speciality in Wilmington Ohio. A rather odd place to go for a dog show but it was a sweet little town and turned out to be the hub of DHL Delivery so it was pretty well off. As always, the dog show had it ups and down and but it grand to see friends from across the country and to see the best chessies around. The house is still dirty but I have gotten back to my sewing machine - could not believe how much I missed it. Life is good.