Thursday, November 22, 2007

Snow on the ground and cold for Thanksgiving. Just perfect to remember my childhood ones.Been taking my color class (nine months) with Heather Thomas. It always inspires me. The first month was a black, white and neutral project. I had decided on separate parts that would show my quilt journey from the basics to beads and things. It developed into a human figure (sortof). I love it. The second month was for monchromatic (one color). I like blue-green as a background player but always have a hard time using it as the prime player. Anyhow ended up with a smaller seascape look with some thread painting. I had thought it was horrible and hated to show it in class - they really liked it. I just took the picture this morning and suddenly saw what the class was seeing - the whole and not the mistakes. In addition, I have added a jewish star baby quilt. It was going to go to my brother's son but then my brother told me that he did not like that quilt block. So, brother's sons do not get quilts (or anything else) from me. Not a big change.