Monday, January 23, 2006

First Entry

Wow, I am entering the blogging world. Never thought I would set up any type of website so this is great. I am a fairly new quilter (basically a toddler) with a leaning towards art quilts. I am not sure where the transition is from quilter to art quilter, or sewing area to studio so I have to say that I am working to be original. I am still flowing with life changes I made a few years ago. I left the workforce (with occasional trips back) and made a long list of things I wanted to try. While birdwatching fell off the side, quilting stayed. Joined a local guild, volunteer at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum and attended the art quilt symposium given by the museum during the summer - loved that! I joined the Quiltart discussion group and am learning a lot about the people and the process. Having always been a left brain bureaucrat (and good at it), working with a creative outlet feels wonderful. Been taking a 13 month color theory class with Heather Thomas in Colorado and loving the class. Started the class in September and am progressing through various color selections with a project a month. Started with black, white and grey; then monochromatic. The hardest part of the class is showing your piece. Is there a point where you begin to feel comfortable with that? Then I got to opposite colors. I had just been told that one of my dogs had an aggressive cancer and I was upset. Decided that I would try and show my feelings. Used "The Scream" by Edvard Munch as the basis and went off in orange and blue then. It brought silence to the class when I showed it.


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Welcome to the QA list, and thanks for starting your blog and sharing the address with us all! I joined the QA list a bit over 3 years ago, and have learned SO much!

As luck would have it, I'm just about done doing a selection of entries on color theory....since you've been in a class doing much what I've done on my own, I'd love any feedback or comments you might have!

Cheers, Sarah

PS--somehow once this posts it will hotlink to my profile and blog....SarahAnnSmith or Art and Quilting in Camden (maine)

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Aasaak...just finished reading the rest of your post... I hope your dog will be OK! The quilt works very well, and I'm sure the silence was because you conveyed your emotions so effectively! And how easy it is to share your quilts depends a lot on your personality. Some of us tend to fling them out there into the ether on a wing and a prayer hoping for the best, and others are much more cautious. But for me, as my confidence builds--at least some of my work is decent, though not all of it is, that's for sure--it gets easier to fling and let go. HTH!