Monday, June 12, 2006

I have definitely confused myself. Two years ago I went to another quilt guilds show and was blown away by the quilts there. They put the show on every two years and so I went to their next show last Saturday. I know the quality of work was the same, but all I could see is that the vast majority used patterns and then used a machine quilter. I did not see the originiality that I was expecting but saw basic color combinations (i.e. blue and yellow) and set patterns. There were a few wonderful pieces but they were the exception. This really bothers me because I have to have been the one to change and I do not know what the change means.


Anne Wigfull said...

I would say give yourself a pat on the back for moving on. I have nothing against traditional quilting, but if no one moved on we'd all still be stitching by fire light with a fish bone needle :)

Elle said...

It just means that you've grown creatively, that's all. I think every quilter in the AQ ring admires and respects traditional quilting. It's just that, at some point, we realized it just wasn't for us anymore and how freeing it is when you let yourself be okay with that realization.