Sunday, January 21, 2007

I have been working on my design class project. It was easy to decide that the perimeter would reflect the golden square (~1:1.6) and that somehow I would use the fibonni (?) numbers in it - the sequence of 1:2:3:5:8 etc. Part of the design class requirement for this month was to work with fabric paints - something I had never done so I went and bought a small beginners package to play with . After that I wanted to set some rules for myself - I started with the negatives (not the right place to start but oh so easy to go there) - because of all of the chessie blocks I had been doing, I did not want a landscape, green. blue or brown, or dogs in the work. I forced my mind around and decided on positives - I want loud, vibrant reds, orange-yellows, violets. In testing, discovered that fabric paints do not show up well on dark colors - oops. Then the snow started again and I realized that I wanted to reflect all the time I have been spending staring out my window at the snow falling or covering everything. So the piece is turning out very white; cream and overall pale. I layered the top - put a road, cul-de-sac curve and some trees (and yes - one dog) on a muslin layer and then put the snow layer (in the 1:2:3:5) pattern over it so the objects just barely show up. Now working on a few objects on the top; will quilt and then do pale fabric painting. It is an experiment! This is a picture of the piece after the first quilting work and before painting - just so I will remember it.

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quiltpixie said...

expereiments are good -- whatever the result the process has encouraged growth :-)