Saturday, January 13, 2007

Pretty Cold January Day - Colorado is in the middle of its fourth weekend storm in a row. Got to say that I prefer them during the week so the weekends are nice. However, temperatures below zero always make you appreciate the rest of winter. A six month design class started with Heather Thomas on Thursday night. We get together for dinner first so it is a fun night. I asked a big favor of Heather and she came up with several design ideas for all the chessie blocks (I had been having a lot of trouble with that). Once I saw her ideas, it was a ah-ha! moment for me - of course those went together - guess that is why she is the instructor. Anyone, I am going to focus on those blocks, work out all the details, play with fabric paints to work on eyes and things and hopefully get them put together in the next two months. Just do not want to have to work on them in the spring. I am going to play with the other blocks to figure out all the details.

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quiltpixie said...

glad you had an ah ha moment.. its wonderfully refreashing to finally see how things will go together