Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ceil and I are managing. The biopsy could not be taken, chemo and radiation are not options so we have turned to holistic medicine. Ceil is loving all the food that I am making for him and he is willing to eat as many pills as I feed him as long as there is a bit a cheese with it. Actually, since he is eating so healthy, I have started eating better. I have been busy quilting. I finished a piece last month that I was doing while they were trying to figure out what is going on with Ceil. It represents parts of our life in a collage - has a jean pocket with leash, branches, clay for the earth, water representations and elk antler. First time I have tried a variety of object like this.
I did finish my dolphins and mermaids quilt for my grand-nieces Nadia and Leah - it will be sent off as soon as put the label on and vacumn off all the dog hair.
Went to a national quilt show today in Denver. Lovely, lovely show. So many creative people working with quality. Makes me want to up the quality level in my work but I know it will just take time. Amazing!!!
So back to my next Ceil piece (do I have a theme or what). This is for this month's design class and it should show emotion through words. I have the words, I definitely have the emotions. Good things my friends are helping me through this. Of course, Ceil feels great - what else could I ask for.

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Kathie said...

Sybil, I think the pieces you are doing with love for Ceil are wonderful. I have added you both to my prayers. Miracles can happen.