Monday, October 15, 2007

I can not believe that I have not posted since May. Not that my life is that exciting.
Ceil is still with me. We went to the American Chesapeake Club National Speciality in September and he was wonderful. We were in the veteran's over eight year old class and while we came in third (out of three to be honest) we were a great team and it was a magical moment. I am posting the professional picture that we got from there.
I am also posting a picture of Echo (my little 3 year old chessie) and I in the ring. Again, we did really well though we came in last.
Did not do a lot of quilting in the summer. Some partially completed projects and one baby quilt with jewish stars that will need to find a new home. I need to get some pictures.
Am back in quilting class (nine months this time) and is just ripping along. Will post that picture as well.
Life is good, no problems, no depression, lots of satisfaction - is this really me?

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