Saturday, May 07, 2011

Hive followup and whining

So, I finally feel like I have a brain again.  I did not realize how limited my life was due to the hives and all the antihistamines I was taking to control it.  Basically, I went to work, came home and sat (or slept) in a little corner of the couch.  Even I did not think I was any fun.
Is the problem solved - nah.  It has a name called auto-immune hives.  Nice name but basically means my body is fighting itself for no known reason and the hives are the product.  An itchy product.  Still waiting for bloodwork to come back (truely, is a two-three week turnaround for bloodwork reasonable - I don't think so) but I am now on Prednisone and some other drugs and I am able to think again and use my hands for things that do not involve scratching in inappropriate places.  I can finally understand why men scratch their balls - there is a moment of sheer pleasure before the painful results hit - nerves are very confusing.
Even my quilting work stopped.  I sent a so-so quilt to Karen Neimi for machine quilting and forgot to pick it up (I bet the machine quilting has improved it).   My sewing machine sat ignored because I did not want to work on the tree and bird piece and could not think of anything else to do.  Spring came and I did not notice until the snow turned green.  Odd
Anyhow, lucidity does return sometimes and work does happen.

I finished a quilt for my last grand-niece Becca who did not have one.  I was going to wait until her second marriage to make her a quilt but she is rational and probably would not remarry.  She is an engineering student at the University of Florida and the cool orderlyness of the quilt seemed like her.  I had large flowers machine quilted on it for the contrast and I loved the result.  From her I got a short terse email thanking me.  Seemed perfect.

I am back working on the tree and bird quilt.  I need to finish quilting the first level so I can add more birds and butterflies to the piece.  It started as a practice piece using brown and green fabrics I did not like just to try curvy branches. Then I thought I would practice with some Charley Harper (artist) birds and then I decided to add them together.  There was not enough zing (well really, this was not planned at all) so I have been working and adding more elements.  No idea where it will end up.

I also wonder if anyone actually reads this blog.  It is probably better that they don't and my thoughts can remain private but be documented for myself publicly. 

This blog is the result of watching two TED.COM pieces, one on the expanding and accelerating  universe.  Like I said - got a brain right now.

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