Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yellowstone Trip that wasn't

I guess I live a very quiet life but I have spent months looking forward to a trip to Yellowstone National Park this week - I signed up for a Yellowstone Association Bears and Wolves naturalist tour and I could not wait.  I needed to be in Yellowstone by the evening of May 24th and it is about a 12 hour drive.

I have also supported my Chesapeake Bay Retriever Ceil through his cancer for the last 4.5 years.  He turned 12 in December so I know I have been successful, however, last week his hind legs and butt got very swollen and he was very unhappy.  I took him into the vet on Friday May 20th and she did not think he would live the weekend.
Ceil went on steroids and he seemed better at the end of the weekend but then I was faced with putting him and my other two chessies into the vet's kennel for the week. 
I could not do it so I stayed for this week on vacation.  Happy to say that Ceil is still with me and feeling better.  I have been busy at the gym, training my youngest dog Chip (could someone tell me how to get him to stop trying to kill other dogs?), and quilting.  It has been a good week but not a Yellowstone week.
The universe has been leading me around and it was leading me to a job in Yellowstone - I had applied, made the short list, and was going to interview up there.  It would have been very isolated and a very unique special experience for several years.  I was totally driven to it and just the week before I was supposed to leave decided against it.  I decided I was looking for an experience and a challenge but was not sure I was committed to making that many changes.  Guess it was not so I could be with my Ceil.  That is where my heart and soul belongs for as long as I can be there.

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