Friday, July 01, 2011

Back to Quilting

As you can probably tell my quilting slowed down over the past month or so but I am getting back into it.  I know it helps me relax and get a better rhythm with life.
I have been working with Susan Carlson's book where she just glues down little bits of fabric (many many little bits) and then uses tulle to quilt over it.  I have not mastered this at all and am having problems with fraying and things moving but I am trying.  I used the basic spiral pattern from her book to start things and learned alot.
As you can tell, the smoothness of the spiral vanished when I pressed everything down.  I will try something else but I think that I would only use this to supplement other parts of a quilt.

I would also like to show you a picture of Ceil's son Chip.  He is three years old, serious and a bit odd.

I need to get back to life so off I go to the gym.

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