Saturday, October 01, 2011

October start

Well, happy Jewish New Year and happy federal new year to everyone.

September/October has always seems like the time for new starts, probably because it is the start of the school year and all the new things that brings.  Guess you can never get the child out of the crone.

I went to Rosh Hashanah services on Thursday at Beth Evergreen.  I went there last year and was uncomfortable but sat through it.  This year, though I had not done very much with their community I was not only more comfortable but had a good time.  That is usually hard to say when services go over 3 hours!

A lady sat down next to me and we exchanged a few commments during services.  Toward the end, the rabbi asked us to pick a partner and exchange stories of "worthiness".  Tough topic. 

I had no idea what to say and I suddenly remembered my trip to Yellowstone National Park a year ago May when I met a lady in a Grand Teton parking lot, talked to Nora who was traveling across country living in the back of her little Honda and invited her to joint me at the Yellowstone Lodge in a few days so she could take a shower.  We actually met up, had dinner and she stayed in the other queen sized bed after she washed everything she owned.  I woke up early the next morning (I always wake up early and took my few things from the room, paid the bill and headed home.

I started telling this lady this story and she stared at me.  She said her husband had been in the National Park Service and I stated that it was where I worked.  Before we got to sidetracked I finished my story.  She said that he husband had been the architect on the renovation of the Yellowstone Lodge but he was not dead.  We both stared at each other and I found out her name was Susan.  Somehow I did not need more and knew that in the peace I found at the service that I had been able to bear a little message to a woman who needed it.

Hmmm, this is supposed to be a quilting blog.  At the end of the federal fiscal year I become very left brained and all I wanted to do was sew straight seams.  So I went into my huge stash of browns and gold/browns and started making log cabin blocks and sewed four together to make a 24 inches square.  Loved them but then what to do - I took some of the log cabin blocks I had not used and set them as square in square with darker brown borders.  Decided I would do a diagonal setting and realized that I had been doing art quilts for so long that I did not remember how to do that.  Back to "Quilts Quilts Quilts" book for a little guidance and I am finishing the top of a really large quilt - probably an oversized queen size but it screams FALL to me. 
Guess I am really a Coloradoan now - Aspen gold rather than New York reds.

Don't have pictures ready to go yet but will be back soon.  Really does not matter, no one reads this anyhow.

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