Friday, January 14, 2011

Documentation - Lack of Jan 14, 2011

Horrors!!!  Yesterday I decided to start organizing all of my quilt pictures.  They have lived through a computer meltdown and been saved but they are all jumbled in the computer.
I only started quilting in March 2003 and I carefully documented my first three years.  Then I gave up on the diary; I gave up printing pictures; and I screwed up.  This is a the problem with going back to work full-time.  So I have to catch up on four years of quilting.  Sigh.

I started cleaning up and while I still carefully sew my name, month and year on the quilt, I do not have a lot of my quilts anymore.  I took pictures of most of them but did not write down their dimensions or where they went. 

This weekend I will go through all of the quilts I do have and get their dimensions and I will print, print, print pictures from the computer.

Totally my responsibility and fault but I really wanted to whine.

On the bright side, I have finished a lovely wall hanging of a buffalo (the National Park Service symbol).  The buffalo is the second one I have done and I really enjoyed all of the thread work I did on it.

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