Saturday, January 01, 2011

Straight Seams 1.1.11

I love today's day 1.1.11.  Numbers can be fun as long as they add up to the right things.

Happy New Year all!!!

Normally, I work on smaller quilts - landscapes; animals; abstracts and with small pieces of fabrics and some other materials put together as I want.

A few days ago I just wanted to sew straight seams.  This comes over me once in a while where I just want to hear the hum of the sewing machine; use up fabric and see things come together.

A few years ago I found a fabric sample of a quiet blue with brown and tans and loved it.  I had been slowly collecting fabrics and thinking about this.  This year, that color combination came out everywhere (no thanks to Moda fabrics) and it was no longer that much fun.  I had also seen a number of shadow quilts patterns where they used large rectangles of fabric and a small shadow.
Well that is what I used to make up a design.  Actually did not know how it would come together until the final sewing but I think I like it.  The picture does not have the ivory borders on yet but I am sure that you have seen this general design.  Please ignore all the other things in the picture - it is a working picture.

It came out very cool looking which fits the 1.1.11 time of year.  Denver's high temperature yesterday was 9 degrees.  Very cool!
The urge to just sew straight seams has been fulfilled and I can move on.  If only I could get over sugar urges as easily.

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