Saturday, January 22, 2011

Serendipity Jan 22, 2011

A long long time ago in college I met a lady who would become one of my best friends.  The start and cementing of the friendship all happened in one night under the constellation Orion.

We kept in contact though there would be times with long silences, however, time never seemed to matter in each call - it was as if we had talked the day before.  Hilary was interested when I picked up quilting (she is not a quilter) and I once developed a small landscape piece based on a postcard she had sent me during her travels.  She liked it.

When we talked last month it seemed like Hilary was going through a particularly difficult time.  After I hung up I decided to make her a small landscape quilt that would represent her journey and would include Orion as a reminder of her distant friend.  I quickly went to work, and while I was completing it, a package came.

Hilary had gone to a quilting shop and picked out some quilt fabrics as a gift to me, including one with peace signs (I told you it was long long ago).  I might add that they were perfect fabrics for me.

I finished my small landscape called Hil Journey and sent it off.  I must admit that I waited to call her to thank her for the fabrics until I thought she had gotten the quilt.  My call found her on the day she received it.  It was a very good call.

Serendipity happens.  Awesome!

Love ya Hil!!

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