Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve thoughts 12.31.2010

Overall I have had a good year.   I really enjoy my job and I am very good at it.  Indirectly, I help the environment (National Park Service) which fulfills one of my interests and I get to read a lot of new research that is going on.

I have done well with quilting.  Right now I am spending a lot of days (it is 2 degrees out) quilting since I have been taking time off of work and have a lot of projects in process.  I will be posting them as they are completed.

I have done various quilts that I have donated to causes and provided donations to causes that matter to me.

I spend a lot of time with my dogs but have not spent enough time training my problem dog so we can go to competitions or keeping up with the training of my current competition dog.  In fact, I have not competed for several years now and I find that I do miss it.  Hmm, friend doing a breeding right now for a wonderful chesapeake bay retriever litter that I would love to have - SLAP - sorry had to hit myself - can not take on another puppy.

Recently I rejoined the QuiltArt email list.  They are all asking each other what WORD will focus their energy for 2011.  I picked "Social and Communication". Ok, that is three words but they are activities and skills that I  have not been doing.  Somehow, I have to get reinvolved again with more than just money.

Just a few early morning thoughts.

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