Thursday, December 23, 2010

Books December 23, 2010

Besides enjoying my quilting and my dogs and a number of other things, I love books.  I tend to have books in every room and work on several at the same time. 
Right now I am going through "The Fall of Giants" by Ken Follett.  His books are big, and a slow read but his characters are very rich and real and I have read that his historical accuracy is really good.  You definitely get your monies worth with him. 
I am using late getting to the party so I have just discovered Malcolm Gladwell.  Guess his books have been on the best seller nonfiction lists for years but I listened to "What the Dog Saw" which is a bunch of his New Yorker essays.  He has a wonderful speaking voice.  I was so impressed that I returned the book the library (love libraries) and just bought from Amazon.  He actually got me to start reading other on-line articles from the New Yorker Magazine (free!).

I just got my Smithsonian and will be busy diving through that.  They offered me such a good deal that I ordered a subsubscription for one of my nieces husband (though he probably reads it already) and an eight year old niece (this will be a challenge for her).

Of course there are the quilting books; science fiction; some romance novels (no thanks to one niece for getting me started there); and regular fiction. 

OK I read a lot.  I also just got my new Kindle today.  I decided it was time to try it.  It is charging up and I am starting to play.

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