Sunday, December 05, 2010

I can not believe that I have been gone for years. I have continued to live and to quilt and to take care of my dogs. Chessies are known for their smile and my old Sarah had the best smile. I think I fell off the blog networks and really just had a few friends and family looking at my work. I have created a lot of work since then. Gave a fair amount away to friends and family (I got to the magic number 7 for my niece Wendy's family) and to various organizations and fund raisers.
I feel good about my quilting but my style seems to be rough or natural - I love landscapes but do not enjoy the delicate matching of points or sweet fabrics. I am going to have to think about what I say for that one.
I am going to have to remember how to post things but here are a few of my lastest pieces.


grandmarockton said...

WELCOME back very nice work!

Quiltbenaco said...

Gran bei lavori!

Sybil said...

Thank you both. It is nice to be back.

roz said...

Do not change your your style. It is uniquely you. Love all your work and glad you are sharing. Roz