Monday, December 27, 2010

Home is the Artist Dec 27, 2010

A few years ago I went on an artist studio walk through Boulder Colorado.  It is where 30-40 artists open their homes and invite the public in to see their house; their art and their studios.  I remember walking into a quilters home and they immediately asked me if I was a "quilt artist".  I froze because I had never thought of myself in that fashion.  I keep trying on that word - sometimes it fits, sometimes it doesn't.  What I have finally done is to put some of my quilt pieces up on the walks in my living room and hallway. 

I spend time staring at many of the pieces, separated by time they develop their own life and I sometimes become very impressed with them.  I am often surprised that I made them.  I had added a few pictures showing my current walls.  My picture taking is not the best.

The oil painting I added just because I really like them.

Dining Area

Oil Painting by David Mayer and Jon Smith

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