Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Season December 11, 2010

The holiday season is not a pleasant time for me. Friends go off on their family and shopping issues; christmas music is everywhere and America seems to forget that there are other cultures and other religions around.
I lit my candles but that is not enough. The result is that I feel very isolated and I focus on my dogs; quilting and work. I provide a lot of coverage at work so people can go off and do things.
I should focus on the gym and working out (I really need that) but here I am typing when I should be stretching. I do try to do special things that will make me feel better.
For the last two weeks I have been taking a class (work related) and met a very nice group of people. The instructor acted like an older gentleman (he did not believe we were within 5 years of each other) who often talked about his wife who had died a few years ago. He made the class (of 14) a huge lunch one day and brought in special deserts another day. He would not accept money but said that if I wanted to contribute to donate to the Susan Koman foundation. I did send in a contribution by the way.
I showed him my blog (which happened to be up on my computer) and some pictures from a few years ago. He seemed to like a blue piece that I had done in 2007 and on the last day I dug it out of my finished stash. I put it in the car without knowing what I was going to do (if anything). After everyone said good-bye to each other and were leaving, I went out to the car and quietly gave him the quilt piece. It had been an experimental piece for a color theory class and did not achieve what I wanted from it. I included a picture of it in this entry (around 18" by 18"). I think it shocked him and I quickly left. I feel like I tossed my quilt out onto the waters and I have no idea how it will end up - it feels rather freeing.

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